What can you do on the community?

November 16, 2011 in Administration, Announcements, Publishing by Admin

If you are a new user, welcome to the Community.

  • From here you can access your personal profile, please ensure you update the relevant fields in your profile
    For Service Providers, that’s company name, location, business type and exact business type
    For Experts, that’s company name, job description, area of expertise and ask an expert category
  • You can make status updates to let all community users see what your up to, check out the activity stream
  • You can search through the member list and make friends and connections, with other community users
  • You can send private messages (email) directly to other users in the community
  • You can join a group that’s relevant enabling you to share information with the group and receive group updates from other members
  • If you are affliated to a blog you will also be able to make blog posts to the world wide web, to help you promote your business services and products. All blog posts are published to search engines and are available via  the search at www.businessanswers.info

If you need any help or support contact Jon Anderson by sending him a message or by mentioning his handle @jonanderson in a status update.